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Working with us virtually is really easy. Madison Ave talent, cost-effective web and print packages that include; design, printing and shipping - with your own Client Portal. See a demo now.


Who is going to work on my project?
Most projects are assigned a Creative team and an Account team. You'll collaborate, make approvals and give direction all through your Client portal. All of us are highly skilled designers, marketers and developers.

Can I see some examples of your work completed on a similar budget and scope?
Certainly. Our portfolio page is a great resource for this - And the pricing page features samples for each package. You can always contact us - for more examples.

What if I don't see what I want in your package section?
We work on any kind of marketing project. From SEO, powerpoint designs, sales materials and promotional pieces. Contact us, or better yet, fill out this very brief custom quote request.

Are all your prices fixed?
For the most part, yes, we offer package pricing to small business to establish upfront, the cost they can expect. Logo and print designs are the most straight forward examples. They tend to rarely deviate from the package price. Web site design and production with a greater need than the package offers may need to be assessed after the brief submittal, but you'll always know upfront the price to expect. There are no hidden fees, and we do our best to accommodate our clients needs inside their budget.

And your print pieces include printing and shipping?
Yes. We've partnered with some of the best digital printers in the country and have bundled this savings into our print packages for our clients. You're print pieces will be designed, printed and shipped to your door for one low price.

When can I expect it?
After submitting your project we'll communicate with you right away, usually within 24 hours but normally much sooner. Expectations and deliverables will be established and depending on your package you could see first round designs within 3 days, sometimes sooner. And after final approval expect printed pieces within 10 busines days. Web sites can be delivered in as little as 10 working days.

So if I order a web site, how will it be managed?
You own your site. It can be hosted elsewhere or we can host it through our own hosting provider, But all of your files are provided to you so you can pick it all up and move somewhere else.
There are a lot of services out there offering low-cost design and hosting and most bundle your site inside a content management system (CMS). Your site is part of their template CMS and there is a monthly service fee attached, not only the hosting fee. This can make optimizing your site difficult, or moving it when you want to expand.

Will you help me understand what will make my business successful?
Absolutely, We believe in helping our clients be as successful as possible. That includes SEO, third-party small business options, nothing is sold to you, we simply offer this consultation as an added benefit.

I don't know html from TGIF, will you talk to me in a way I can understand?
Yes, we do our very best to communciate clearly with our clients. The Client portal allows everyone to be up-to-date on the various stages along the way to completion.

Tell me more about these third-party marketing services.
We work with several companies that provide similar features and benefits we see very large clients getting at the big ad agencies. Email marketing, web ad media buying, and SEO to name a few. We help you use these services to grow your business. With clear marketing objectives and excellent design skills these inexpensive marketing services can be maximized for some very low-cost, powerful results.

What is this "Client Portal"?
The Client Portal is your own client dashboard where you can review designs, make comments, approve and even chat with your agency team.
See a demo video of how the portal works.

What kinds of questions can I expect you'll have for me?
We tend to ask our clients a fair amount of questions in order to assess their needs. They can include:
- What is the goal of the project?
- Do you have a pre-existing brand design?
- In your words, what does your business do?
- How do you want to be perceived by potential customers?
- Are there competitor sites you can show us?

Ok, I'm ready to get started. What do I do?
Review the pricing page. If you see a package that fits your needs, just click the "Buy Now" button and follow the on-screen directions. You'll be asked to register as a client, submit a 50% payment upfront by credit card and you'll have the option to fill out your creative brief now or later. You'll also be given access to your Client Portal.

If you don't see a package that fits your needs, simply fill out this very brief custom quote request. is your ad agency. Online.

Get started by choosing a package or submiting a custom quote request.

Log-in to your own Client Portal

Comment and request changes

Approve your project

It’s printed and shipped to your door

Print Design Packages

Unlike our competitors, our print packages include printing and shipping. It’s another way we’re your full service agency.

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Web Design Packages

We will provide you with a serious branding tool for the web. We are professional marketers, your site will look great, but most of all, it'll sell.

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Presentation Design

Powerpoint templates, information graphics, sales presentation design.

Call for pricing.

Your own client portal is another feature that sets VirtualAdAgency apart. Allowing you to collaborate with your agency team.

Video walk through of the Client Portal

A Guarantee


Don't like your original concepts, contact us before your first revisions for an immediate refund, minus a 5% administration fee.

The Client Portal allows you to:

-Create, edit, and submit a creative brief for the project direction

-View and edit a project calendar

-View your projects

-View messages from your team

-View your web site in progress

-Upload files

-Download files

-View your orders

-Submit payment

Chat with
your team

Instant messaging
with your team is one
feature of your Client Portal

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